Product Specification

Stop mining tiny amounts of Bitcoin on your Smartphone, laptop, Desktop, or Tablet, because you will never generate any significant amounts of Bitcoin, even with a referral system that rewards you with small percentages for referrals.

Dear Cryptocurrency “Buyers and Investors”

Welcome to Platinumo2 Crypto token first and exclusive Pre-sale. Platinumo2 Token is the premier token being the most advanced technology in the mining sphere which capabilities exceed any miner in the world today. And it is this technology which will shape the future of the cryptocurrency mining industry.

Platinumo2 Token sale exclusive price for selected buyers for a short time is USD 0.10 cents per token beginning July 20, 2022.

What are the advantages of MMP Devices?

Run four to twelve Blockchain Nodes 24/7
Switchable Node Uploads (unique blockchain nodes)
Data Storage Capacity
MMP Units are Robust & Sturdy
Can Mine ASICS or SCRIPT (pow) – (pow) Bitcoin/Ethereum/Monero/ZCash/Litecoin/Bitcoin Cash/ and others
Choose up to three wallets to deposit your mined cryptocurrencies
Link your BitPay/Coinbase/ or Binance Visa cards wallets to receive your daily cryptocurrency earnings automatically
Take Full advantage of PlatinumO2 Income Ecosystem Quadrant (similar to Robert Kiyosakis’ System)
Potentially $2.5 billion in annual sales including distribution opportunities for users and investors
Generate $Billions in Cryptocurrencies Annually While Increasing The Value of PlatinumO2 Tokens Simultaneously which all participants will receive equal to the value of their device.
Can create millions of jobs nationally and internationally
Stabilize Cryptocurrencies Market volatility

Why should you secure your own MMP Device?

  • MMP Micro Mining Partition Devices are designed to work anywhere any time using multiple energy sources including solar.
  • The MMP Miner power efficiency enable the device to produce 10X the mining power of a 4computer, thus capable of mining ten times more cryptocurrency rewards
  • MMP Mining Device Purchases includes six thousand PlatinumO2 Tokens valued at 0.10 USD cents per token, which will equal your purchase price. As PlatinumO2 tokens value increase, your price for the unit will become zero. In fact, your tokens may double in value.
  • A unique PlatinumO2 Token Income Ecosystem is also built around the MMP (Micro Mining Partition Device) which adds a four-layer Quadrant of income generating structures to support the growth and sustainability of the PlatinumO2 MMP Ecosystem for users and investors.

After PlatinumO2 presale, the token will be registered to over ten exchanges with the announcement of the partnership between Platinumo2 Manufacturing Partnerships with select companies which will undoubtedly increase the value of PlatinumO2 Tokens long term.

PlatinumO2 Token Value Position

PlatinumO2 and MMP Mining Devices supply a unique experience in both utility and buying options. In fact, when buying the MMP Device, purchasers receive platinumO2 tokens as a bonus for buying the MMP Mining Device. MMP Devices may also be bought with cryptocurrencies.


Purchasing the MMP Device automatically stakes #6000 PlatinumO2 Tokens at a cost of 0.10 USD which is the equivalent USD $600 as a bonus to the purchaser. The advantage of staking PlatinumO2 Tokens is the payback upgrade option which enable the user to upgrade newer models of MMP Mining Devices.

Staking PlatinumO2 Tokens are seven, twelve, or eighteen months, with the following rewards:

  • Seven Months 10% rewards Monthly of tokens held
  • Twelve Months 15% rewards Monthly of total tokens held
  • Eighteen Months 20% reward Monthly of total tokens held

After each staking period, the user has the option to:

  • opt out of the staking period at which time all earnings are completed
  • choose either staking timeline without any added cost
  • Upgrade to investor packages which are obtainable directly through PlatinumO2 private client agreement.

The MMP device will be introduced into the marketplace in 2022, after which, PlatinumO2 tokens will increase in value exponentially during the product launch.

To buy the (Micro Mining Partition Device) the user only needs to make a down payment of $250 USD, the unit shipment date will be scheduled for November, at which time the balance of $350 USD will be needed before the device is shipped priority delivery. All instructions and support will be available to get the unit up and running at once. MMP devices are tested and guaranteed to function at full ability.

MMP Devices are designed with high level security, safety, and theft options for users Back Orders for the units will be under tremendous demand for MMP Devices, secure yours today!

Please join us for this exciting pre-sale starting now for all participants.