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About Platinum O2

Platinumvk is a company which specializes in botanical nutrition from natures natural uncultivated wild plants as an essential source of nutrition for humans as a result of exhaustive research and application as the best option for optimal nutrition available in the natural world.

The premise of the nutritional model in human nutrition presented by VKPlatinum is simple and scientific; and that is, nature evolved human beings and all other life forms on the planet through plant life primarily, and as a result, vast life forms evolved from this environment from the basis of plant evolution as a food for animal life forms, and it is from this premise through which we reconstruct these pre-Jurassic botanical plant kingdoms to form a powerful nutritional defense army which include:

How to Get Started

Step 1

Use the link to pre-order Your MMP Mining System

Step 2

Once you receive your unit, register the unit via the instructions provided

Step 3

Download the Fortune Runner App and Sync Your Phone to the Device Via Instructions Provided

Step 4

Connect the Device Properly Via Instructions and begin Mining Cryptocurrency


Scientific data-based research has proven the importance of natural non cultivated plants holds the key to greater nutrition density based upon the origin of the many species responsible for industrial agricultural plant varieties which through hybridization no longer contain the genetic integrity of its wild ancestors with all of their inherent qualities absent in the hybrid varieties available throughout the world.

There are over thirty thousand edible plants on the planet, yet humans consume just a tiny fraction of these plant species which grow naturally throughout the earth’s ecosphere, modern day humans consume almost exclusively industrial agricultural crops which lack many of the key nutrients that humans need for an overall healthy existence.


PlatinumO2 mission is to support the expansion of Wealth and Health to the Masses through MMP (micro mining partition devices) the most energy-efficient mining devices available worldwide.

PlatinumO2 Crypto Token is the Official Crypto Token Designed for The Sole Purpose of Supporting MMP Mining Device Technologies. MMP Technologies Are Created To Augment The Proof Of Work Industry Through Smart Application Energy Efficiency throughout the Blockchain Sectors.

What if we could re-engineer the fundamental way cryptocurrencies are mined and distributed through a truly decentralized network of micro miners while simultaneously breaking the monopoly of whale positions throughout the Proof of Work Cryptocurrency Ecosystems?

PlatinumO2 Mining Technologies have achieved this milestone.

General Questions

PlatinumO2 tokens can be used in many ways, for instance when you stake PlatinumO2 tokens You will earn a floating percentage of tokens weekly. These tokens will increase in value through a number structural factors such as global market share of VK Platinum products, exchange listings, Global botanical network, including a half dozen of economic initiatives.

Yes, PlatinumO2 tokens are created to equalize VK Platinum Products
and projects involving the DNA nutrition project, Organic Botanically Wild Plant Production,
African Indigenous undiscovered super foods as well as South American Botanical treasures having the highest nutritional density on the earth. Within the PlatinumO2 token structure, there are over nine options to increase your PlatinumO2 Tokens value (download and read the PtO2 White Paper)

The PlatinumO2 token will begin the tedious process of getting the token
listed on the essential platforms such as Binance, Kraken,, Gemini,, and Kucoin.

PlantinumO2 Token innovative approach to deep nutritionally rich Products from natures original DNA botanicals from what is commonly known as wild species or the ancestors of todays modern crops will change the standard for modern nutrition worldwide, and at its core will begin to fundamentally influence the true essence of real health in the 21 century, which creates enormous value.

PlatinumO2 tokens will be convertible to other cryptocurrencies using various exchanges In which Platinum02 tokens are listed


VK Platinum has expanded the horizon of holistic health and Wellness to the blockchain through the ubiquitous functional token platinum O2, a token designed to achieve realistic results of both product availability quality and uniqueness unequal in the health and Wellness industries. PlatinumO2 tokens bridge the gap to global availability of VK Platinum Products for optimum health and wellness, with over twenty-one unique products designed to support the human body natural functions with superior nutrition.

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Staking Platinum02 tokens earns wealth and optimum health

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Want to know all of the benefits and advantages of PlatinumO2?
Download and read PlatinumO2 White Paper

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Platinum O2 Roadmap

2022 to Spring 2023
2022 to Spring 2023

PlatinumO2 Token on Decentralized
Exchanges VS Centralized Exchanges

2023-MMP Mining Technologies Positioned
2023-MMP Mining Technologies Positioned

Throughout the logistics Industries

2023-Spring & Summer PlatinumO2
2023-Spring & Summer PlatinumO2

Bridge-Unlocking The Wealth Equation
For MMP Users

2023-Spring to Fall PlatinumO2 Spark
2023-Spring to Fall PlatinumO2 Spark

Proof of Work Utility Token mined
Simultaneously with Monero