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About Platinum O2

Welcome to and, home of the M2-20 Portable Blockchain Asset Generator.

The M2-20 Portable Asset Generator is composed of a pair of two Gigahash Mining Devices which mine Monero (XMR) Tokens for daily rewards. Further more the M2-20 premier Blockchain Asset Generator is the world’s first and most powerful portable cryptocurrency mining complex ever created on the blockchain!

Why is the M2-20 Blockchain Asset Generator is Ideal for Cryptopreneurs?

The M2-20 can be used anywhere in the world with a setup time of ten minutes or less, furthermore, the M2-20 Complex offer to it’s users eight percent automatic staking rewards on all M2-20 Purchases.

How to Get Started

Step 1

Use the link to pre-order Your MMP Mining System

Step 2

Once you receive your unit, register the unit via the instructions provided

Step 3

Download the Fortune Runner App and Sync Your Phone to the Device Via Instructions Provided

Step 4

Connect the Device Properly Via Instructions and begin Mining Cryptocurrency


The M2-20 device or (micro mining partition device) solves the fundamental problems of mining cryptocurrencies without incurring high-cost mining expenditures through the use of enormous amounts of electrical power grid energy

The alternative yet viable approach of M2-20 technologies is to simply change the energy application to decentralized power sources.

This energy alternative mining process widely adopted will reduce the energy required to mine cryptocurrencies by 80% percent on a global scale. By reducing energy consumption by 80% while simultaneously increasing cryptocurrency mining efficiency by 50% in terms of global adoption of MMP technologies can reduce market volatility of cryptocurrencies fluctuating price values, which contributes to the global acceptance of cryptocurrencies value, and use across global markets.


PlatinumO2 mission is to support the expansion of Income Opportunities and Wealth Creation on the Blockchain for the Masses through MMP (micro mining partition devices) the most energy-efficient mining devices available worldwide.

PlatinumO2 Crypto Token is the Official Crypto Token Designed for The Sole Purpose of Supporting M2-20 Mining Device Technologies. M2-20 Technologies Are Created To Augment The Proof Of Work Industry Through Smart Application Energy Efficiency throughout the Blockchain Sectors.

What if we could re-engineer the fundamental way cryptocurrencies are mined and distributed through a truly decentralized network of micro miners while simultaneously breaking the monopoly of whale positions throughout the Proof of Work Cryptocurrency Ecosystems?

PlatinumO2 Mining Technologies have achieved this milestone.

General Questions

PlatinumO2 tokens can be used in many ways, for instance Micro Mining Devices can be purchased, mining packages, and all of the upcoming products and services designed to increase users bottom line via the PlatinumO2 Bridge Innovative Channels.

Yes, PlatinumO2 tokens are created to equalize VK Platinum Products
and projects involving the DNA nutrition project, Organic Botanically Wild Plant Production,
African Indigenous undiscovered super foods as well as South American Botanical treasures having the highest nutritional density on the earth. Within the PlatinumO2 token structure, there are over nine options to increase your PlatinumO2 Tokens value (download and read the PtO2 White Paper)

The PlatinumO2 token will begin the tedious process of getting the token
listed on the essential platforms such as Binance, Kraken,, Gemini,, and Kucoin.

PlantinumO2 Token innovative approach to deep nutritionally rich Products from natures original DNA botanicals from what is commonly known as wild species or the ancestors of todays modern crops will change the standard for modern nutrition worldwide, and at its core will begin to fundamentally influence the true essence of real health in the 21 century, which creates enormous value.

PlatinumO2 tokens will be convertible to other cryptocurrencies using various exchanges In which Platinum02 tokens are listed


PlatinumO2 innovative mining technologies have built the world’s first micro mining partition device designed to mine proof of work tokens and coins by decentralizing the required hash power to mine cryptocurrency blocks without excessive amounts of power essential throughout the mining industry.

The advantage offered by this technology is it’s none grid based function which reduces the amount of energy required to mine cryptocurrencies such as Monero and others by up to 80%, which will pave the way for a more sustainable form of mining.

Start Securing PlatinumO2 Tokens

Securing Platinum02 tokens and all of the advantages

Read & Download PlatinumO2 White Paper

Want to know all of the benefits and advantages of PlatinumO2?
Download and read PlatinumO2 White Paper

Platinum O2 Roadmap

2024 to FALL OF 2024


2025-M2-20 Mining Technologies Positioned


2024-SUMMER & FALL PlatinumO2

Bridge-Unlocking The Wealth Equation OPPORTUNITIES
For M2-20 Users

2024-FALL to WINTER PlatinumO2 Spark

PLATINUMO2 SPARK Utility PROOF of WORK Token mined
Simultaneously with Monero