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General Questions

PlatinumO2 tokens can be used in many ways, for instance when you stake PlatinumO2 tokens You will earn a floating percentage of tokens weekly. These tokens will increase in value through a number structural factors such as global market share of VK Platinum products, exchange listings, Global botanical network, including a half dozen of economic initiatives.

Yes, PlatinumO2 tokens are created to equalize VK Platinum Products
and projects involving the DNA nutrition project, Organic Botanically Wild Plant Production,
African Indigenous undiscovered super foods as well as South American Botanical treasures having the highest nutritional density on the earth. Within the PlatinumO2 token structure, there are over nine options to increase your PlatinumO2 Tokens value (download and read the PtO2 White Paper)

The PlatinumO2 token will begin the tedious process of getting the token
listed on the essential platforms such as Binance, Kraken,, Gemini,, and Kucoin.

PlantinumO2 Token innovative approach to deep nutritionally rich Products from natures original DNA botanicals from what is commonly known as wild species or the ancestors of todays modern crops will change the standard for modern nutrition worldwide, and at its core will begin to fundamentally influence the true essence of real health in the 21 century, which creates enormous value.

PlatinumO2 tokens will be convertible to other cryptocurrencies using various exchanges In which Platinum02 tokens are listed

Read & Download PlatinumO2 White Paper

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Download and read PlatinumO2 White Paper