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Platinum O2

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About Platinum O2

PlatinumO2 Tokens (PlatinumO2) are an SPL cryptocurrency token. They can be earned by Staking, Sharing, and Promoting the PlatinumO2 token in various utility applications, as outlined in the previous sections of the whitepaper. PlatinumO2 utility Token holders will be able to redeem their PlatinumO2 Tokens through weekly distribution from staking PlatinumO2 specified marketplaces, exchanges, and website (Platinumvk health products, MMP Mining Units, Power Promotional Partners, etc.). Holders will also be able to convert or exchange their tokens for popular tokens listed on exchanges such as USD Token, as well as use the PlatinumO2 Token to pay for goods and services including exclusive content formulated to generate daily crypto revenue via the website. Other details are in this way back link

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